Monday, August 31, 2015


I had another dream last light.

I'm skeptical of people who claim that, when they’re dreaming, the dream seems real. I watch my dreams as a playwright watches his plays being performed. There’s always a character in the dream who represents me, but every character in the dream represents some aspect of me. They’re all creatures of my imagination.

This dream took place at a college, in the office of the dean. There are two people in the office: the dean, and a woman. 

The focus of the dream is on the woman.

I am bewildered. Where am I, or my representative, in this dream?

Is it the woman? There are aspects of myself that some men repress in themselves because they consider them feminine, but I'm not one of those men.

She is in the dean’s office because her younger brother, a student at the college, tried to kill himself and it is her responsibility, as his only living relative and legal guardian, to decide what will be done with him.

She is exasperated with him. Her brother is weak and emotional, while she has always been strong and practical. 

She decides to have him institutionalized, so he can no longer cause her trouble.

I realize I am her younger brother.

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