Monday, March 28, 2016


Why do we laugh? How can we laugh when we know, if we know anything, that this world we’ve created is filled with suffering and pain? To deny it, and look instead for joy and beauty - even worse, tell ourselves we've found it - is not to love this world. Love based on a denial of the beloved’s true nature ends in disillusionment and turns to hate.

Of course there's more to this world - and to us, the creators of this world - than we know. Some claim this proves we’re wrong about our world, and what in it seems to us evil is ultimately for the best. But knowing there's more to our world than we know doesn't prove it’s better than we know; only that it’s different. We don’t know enough to judge it, to love or hate it. We laugh at ourselves, at our foolishness in thinking that we could know.

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