Wednesday, November 4, 2015


The election is a year away, but already the media are filled with the petty squabbles of politicians.  

Not because people are interested in what the media call politics, but because they’re not. They know elections don’t decide how we’re governed, because we’re not governed. We’re ruled.

People read gossip about politicians for the same reason they read gossip about actors and athletes. It enables them to feel superior to these overpaid buskers, which consoles them for their own powerlessness.

It also enables them to avoid thinking about the important things they’re powerless to change.

The flight from the war-ravaged ME gets less media attention than the election, even though most people think it’s more important, perhaps the most important event of our time. But the most important event of our time is and always has been, throughout our time on this planet, our destruction of the planet.

We used to be travellers, wandering the earth. When we started feeding on the planet as a parasite feeds on its host, gorging itself until it kills its host and itself, we stopped being travellers and became fugitives, fleeing the consequences of our actions. The current flight from the ME is the latest consequence of the monotonous rise and fall of empires which we call history. It will be followed by others until we finish killing the earth and ourselves.

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